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HealthSouth City View Rehabilitation Hospital will hold a REAL Therapy Open House on Thursday, Sept. 22 from 4:30- 7 p.m. to introduce and celebrate HealthSouth City View’s newest addition to physical therapy.

The REAL Therapy program provides patients with realistic environment applied learning and allows patients to practice real life scenarios through community-based activities such as going to the grocery store, eating at a restaurant, visiting a self-serve deli and pumping gas at a gas station among others. Therapy stations are equipped to mimic the types of scenarios patients will encounter in the community, giving them the chance to safely practice and work towards their physical rehabilitation goals.

“This program sets HealthSouth City View apart by providing an environment where patients and the HealthSouth Therapy team can safely practice and work toward each patient’s goals for daily living,” said HealthSouth City View CEO Janell Briscoe. “We want to get patients back in their communities and back to the level of independence they enjoyed prior to illness or injury.”

The event, held at the hospital located at 6701 Oakmont Boulevard in Fort Worth, will feature refreshments, music and prizes at no cost. For more information on REAL Therapy or the event, contact Kendal Twing at 817-876-9595.

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HealthSouth City View Rehabilitation Hospital is a 62-bed inpatient rehabilitation hospital that offers comprehensive rehabilitation services for patients who have suffered a debilitating illness, disease, or injury. We are located at 6701 Oakmont Blvd. or on the Web at

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